Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Ok - So here are my landlords about to siphon the heating oil out of the tank. They paid initially $417 for the truck to come out and fill it when I first moved in. Then they wanted to charge me $650. Saying that that was how much it costs to fill it from empty. I asked them if they were crediting the extra money to the previous tenant (I see her occasionally in town). Well no - they are not giving her any credit. These guys are so unreasonable and wouldn't give me more time to pay for it - the proper amount. I haven't had any work and can just pay the rent and survive. So now it's getting into winter, and I have no oil, and I can't afford to have the fuel truck come out because there is a minimum charge of $200ish.

The landlords names are Roger and Reg Pellerin from Campbell River. They have this property for sale and are asking way more than it is worth and if affects the other owners here (It's a trailer park) because they can have no long term security and can't sell either because no one else wants to take the risk either. They are do nothing landlords that don't live locally. For example, they would rather siphon the fuel tank rather than fix the stuff that is wrong like the deck that is falling apart, the laundry room that leaks, and check the roof because there was some leaking (it rains A LOT here). For four months the electrical didn't work for about 1/3 of the place. No lights or power at all for 1/2 the living room, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. And now my toilet just overflowed for no good reason - it's always run on but now what I'm not sure.

I am so sick and tired of being used and abused by shitty landlords and then having the expense and disruption of moving. I really liked this place but now I am very soured on it and them. The best solution would be if I could find an investor to fund purchasing the property. But the numbers have to work. It is sustainable, but barely, and worth almost 100K less than what they are asking. Don't you just love it when people go out buying properties that don't know what they are doing and affect people's lives without even giving it one thought.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Harper Hasn't Silenced This Scientist Yet!!

How much more evidence do we need to STOP IT!! The worst environmental disaster is taking place and is ongoing. We don't need an oil spill to realize that irreversible damage is being done. If the fish are being that affected, what about the people that are drinking that water?

Federal scientists uncover evidence that oilsands contaminants travel further than expected

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hey it's Party Time - We have a Harper Anniversary to Celebrate!

Guess what today is!! (or was for you in the east) ....
Would you believe that they have the nerve to ask for a donation of $7 or more in order to help them "keep Canada's economy on track"; what's wrong Harper?... have you already spent all the budget on yours and your buddy's lavish travel, zillion $ living out and 2nd home renovation allowance, and $100 breakfast expenses? Click here if you don't believe me that they have that kind of gall; they made a special page to celebrate their 7 years at the trough.

I just keep finding more and more crap on these guys with special attention to my favourite MP - Mr. John Duncan who is in the thick of things as the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development!

At this ATPN link you will find some of his latest performances (dance puppet dance). A couple of these announcements were made on behalf of the Honourable Lynne Yelich, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification. I believe that these monies come out of the Western Economic Diversification Fund that was set up and funded many years ago and thereby, has already been accounted for and the larger fund earns interest each year in order to fund more projects. He wants to make you believe that they pulled out the cheque-book and provided new money for these projects. 

The truth is that organizations, community groups, etc. apply for these funds from a pool of allocated money each year. They go through an application and approval process that measures all types of means, and usually requires 1/3-1/3-1/3 funding. This means that 33.33% usually comes from the community's coffers, 33.33% comes from the provincial tax payers, and 33.33% + the penny comes from federal tax payers.

You will see his generic statement made in the various locations at the different announcements:

“Our Government is committed to creating jobs, growth and long-term prosperity in our communities,” said the Honourable John Duncan. “By improving facilities such as this, we are helping to boost economic activity and maintain a high quality of life for Canadians.”


In case you missed it:

Originally posted on November 1, 2012

OK - So I looked up this guy whose smiley face has been in my local paper.... Well, well, well, very interesting when you go to his web site that is on the business card sized ad in the paper;, it does NOT obviously display his party affiliation; what's wrong John Duncan, not proud of being a CONSERVATIVE at this point?.

On closer inspection, he must be a Conservative Party member. How a Conservative won a seat on Vancouver Island is beyond me; must have been due to vote splitting with NDP/Liberals/Green. I deduce that he is a Conservative by this statement on his web page:

"In 2008, John became Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs and Northern Development.  In August 2010, he was appointed Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Federal Interlocutor for M├ętis and Non-Status Indians, and Minister of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency. After winning the 2011 election he continued his appointment as Minister but under the new title of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development."

Follow me here... he is currently the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development !!! Wouldn't that be the most closely related Minister to what we are dealing with here on Vancouver Island and in all of BC and especially in the North in terms of oil sands and pipelines and the effect on First Nations??? And somehow he is ignoring the out-speaking of First Nations peoples. Oh but they got a new Cancer Hospital built in the North for them (Prince George); that outta fix that eh? Go figure, I guess we should be expecting a growth of cancer rates of peoples in the North that are drinking the water and breathing the air downstream/downwind of the tar sands.

This is beyond reason. I have not heard a peep from this guy on my news, yet he is my MP, and should be directly involved in what Harper is putting through legislatively right now. I might have been able to cut him some slack if he was an NDP, Liberal, or Green Party member MP. But his action and non-communication to his constituents (kowtowing Harper's line) is unacceptable. Any robo-calls, over-budget campaign $, or polling station shenanigans with this guy???

I am calling you out Mr. (Hon.?; sorry I can't call you honourable) John Duncan. Please explain to us Canadians what the hell you CONSERVATIVES are up to. Actually, too late, I don't care what your damage control (BS spin) explanation is at this point because it is obvious to me that you have either:
     a)  Dropped the ball by being incompetent or,
     b)  You are corrupt and have been paid off or,
     c)  You kowtow (get used to the Chinese expressions) to Harper or,
     d)  All of the Above.
TAKE YOUR PICK - I am going with d) All of the Above.

How much did you get paid off? You definitely do not have the interests of your constituents at heart or even in your mind. Did you not see the protest in Victoria (however misplaced that it was)? That same and bigger protest will be coming to your home and Ottawa.

You, Mr. John Duncan are some special type of coward. I dare you to come back to your riding and hold a rally. Why are rallies only held during election time and then you go off and perform work that you are not mandated to do. You must have been misleading (directly or by ommission) your constituents over a year ago, because there is no way in hell that you would have been elected on this type of platform that has emerged from your leader. As a CABINET MINISTER, you CANNOT convince me that you DID NOT know what Harper's agenda was or the direction it was heading at election time in 2011.

As far as I'm concerned, the entire Conservative Party lied to and misled all constituents across the country, along with some party members having participated in questionable and fraudulent election practices. What more does it take for us Canadians to recall you and your cohorts and demand a new election or at least a referendum on these foreign ownership and treaty issues.

Signed One of Your (involuntary) Constituents.

Oh and I just keep finding more and more good stuff; taken from:

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development of Canada (AANDC) Minister John Duncan defended the bill before the committee on Oct. 15.
He said Bill C-27 will help build stronger, more self-sufficient First Nation communities, as it will allow community residents to view how band council funds are spent by their elected officials.
“Democracy depends on citizens being able to call their elected leaders to account to ensure they represent the community’s best interests,” Duncan said. “This would ensure that First Nations community members have the necessary information to make informed decisions about their governments.”
Some First Nation leaders have spoken out against the bill, calling it “paternalistic.”...
Again - worth repeating YOUR WORDS:
“Democracy depends on citizens being able to call their elected leaders to account to ensure they represent the community’s best interests,”... 
Bill C-27 is about making public the salaries of First Nations Officials, but Mr. Duncan's words must have meaning and should apply to himself and ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS. I am calling on you, Mr. Duncan, to ACCOUNT for your actions or lack thereof, whichever the case may be.