Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Ok - So here are my landlords about to siphon the heating oil out of the tank. They paid initially $417 for the truck to come out and fill it when I first moved in. Then they wanted to charge me $650. Saying that that was how much it costs to fill it from empty. I asked them if they were crediting the extra money to the previous tenant (I see her occasionally in town). Well no - they are not giving her any credit. These guys are so unreasonable and wouldn't give me more time to pay for it - the proper amount. I haven't had any work and can just pay the rent and survive. So now it's getting into winter, and I have no oil, and I can't afford to have the fuel truck come out because there is a minimum charge of $200ish.

The landlords names are Roger and Reg Pellerin from Campbell River. They have this property for sale and are asking way more than it is worth and if affects the other owners here (It's a trailer park) because they can have no long term security and can't sell either because no one else wants to take the risk either. They are do nothing landlords that don't live locally. For example, they would rather siphon the fuel tank rather than fix the stuff that is wrong like the deck that is falling apart, the laundry room that leaks, and check the roof because there was some leaking (it rains A LOT here). For four months the electrical didn't work for about 1/3 of the place. No lights or power at all for 1/2 the living room, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. And now my toilet just overflowed for no good reason - it's always run on but now what I'm not sure.

I am so sick and tired of being used and abused by shitty landlords and then having the expense and disruption of moving. I really liked this place but now I am very soured on it and them. The best solution would be if I could find an investor to fund purchasing the property. But the numbers have to work. It is sustainable, but barely, and worth almost 100K less than what they are asking. Don't you just love it when people go out buying properties that don't know what they are doing and affect people's lives without even giving it one thought.
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