Monday, 29 October 2012

Canada Has Lost it's Democracy

I can't even start to translate what is going on in our supposed "democracy" except to say that I don't see it as a democracy at all anymore. We have been taken over by Harper - that there was hints at his dictatorship type of leadership before the last election. Anyone who voted for the Conservatives should be hanging their heads low right now, of course unless you are part of that 1% - Then you can say "we won".

So many of us have had our noses to the grind stone, that we can't even see what is going on around us, no less any means to act out and try to inform others. And anyway... those that try and make aware are ridiculed and bastardized.

I have, in the last few months even, been looking at a large quantity of documentaries and following bread crumbs that some have been leaving. If you don't have the time to follow these trails, I don't blame you, but trust me when I say that you need to slow down a little and take a good look around and analyze who actually has your best interests at heart. Hint: it isn't any of the current politicians.

Elizabeth May however, was the only one in Parliament to bring the issue of the China trade treaty to the light of day. What is going on with the rest of our elected officials - NDP and Liberal included that did NOT bring up this issue of Harper selling us out to China??

There is no democracy or justice left in this system in Canada. I will no longer be a Canadian if this is allowed. Australia, with a comparable population and set of values has said NO to this type of exploitation.

This is insane to allow Harper to continue on this path unchallenged. Who voted for this? Was this in his mandate when he ran for election? Did anyone have any idea what he had planned? NO NO NO. For issues this large that will affect our democracy, and Canadian's decisions on what we want to do with the Tar Sands should not be decided for us by 1 person that is intimidating all the rest that are collecting their pay cheque from the government coffers.

The tar sands or any other resource belongs to the population of all Canadians. Why would we want to allow any politician the ability to sell that out. Every resource that lays in the ground of Canada should belong to every Canadian. As a Canadian, do you believe that you are benefiting from that extraction? I don't believe that I am or anyone else is, unless they have a job that is directly related.

The extraction of resources in the West here is becoming catastrophic. Corps that are making HUGE profits are not concerned about all the people downstream of their operations and they are getting away with HUGE environmental damage.

The extermination of peoples.... I would compare it to no difference to Hitler's extermination, or Sadam Husein's poisoning of his people. There is knowingly contamination of water sources of people (especially First Nations) all along the Athabasca. I knew the river as a turquoise most beautiful thing I had seen in Canada (1983), clean and pure fed from glaciers. From what I have seen now, I am disgusted.

Can we recall Harper? Wasn't there enough anomalies with the election process to allow for the question of whether Harper should have a "majority" government right now? I demand that we have a new election. It's not that unusual to have an election within the 4 year mandate, especially when the government is suggesting something  outside of the mandate that was proposed at their re-election.

Further, let's make it law that no leader can propose laws and meaningful changes to the Canadian form of business values without that being at least on the mandate at election, or then proposed as a referendum!!!

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